Over 20 years’ in-depth experience with the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Janny Li Xin Yeung
TCM-FVS qualified therapist


Janny Li Xin Yeung has been breathing the aroma of Chinese herbs since early childhood in Hong Kong, and many conversations in her family revolved around Traditional Chinese Medicine. These early points of contact developed into a passion. After successfully completing comprehensive training in TCM, she devoted her life to medical care and patient welfare. 

Janny Li Xin Yeung sensed her vocation in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 1980s. She was introduced to the basic principles in her native city of Hong Kong under the expert guidance of the respected TCM specialist and teacher Gai Sifu. This period of study was the first step in becoming a professional therapeutic practitioner. 

In further studies, Janny Li Xin Yeung deepened her expertise in the fields of acupuncture, herbal therapy and tuina massage, and learned to combine medical treatment methods with a caring therapeutic approach. She moved to Switzerland in 1990 and opened her own TCM practice in 1996. Now, she is contributing her rich fund of experience to the TCM Chan practice. Her areas of therapeutic specialization are gynaecology and women’s complaints, pain therapies, sleep disturbances, digestive disorders and psychosomatic conditions.

Janny Li Xin Yeung speaks excellent German, English and Chinese.

Member of:

  • EMR   Empirical Medicine Register
  • SVNH   Swiss Association for Natural Healing
  • TCM-FVS   TCM Professional Association Switzerland

ZSR number: y 250 961

“My guiding principle expresses the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine: ‘Yi Hok Yun Sum’, which means ‘The Practice of Medicine – The Benevolence of the Heart’.”

Janny Li Xin Yeung

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