TCM: a career and a calling

Sarah Meier
Naturopath with Swiss Federal Diploma in TCM


Natural medicine is a family tradition for Sarah Meier. She has always been interested in understanding people and their health from a holistic perspective and on that basis she has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sarah combines her technical expertise with empathy and a feel for the all-round well-being of her patients.


Sarah Meier has been working as a successful TCM therapist for some twelve years, during which time she has acquired a wealth of experience for the benefit of her patients. Before she went into practice, she completed comprehensive studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where early on she examined the relationships between Chinese medicine and Western naturopathy.

For Sarah Meier, it is a given that empathy, sincerity and warmth are imperative to successful and productive TCM treatment. She knows that it is vital to understand the person as a whole and to apply TCM methods to the specific individual. Her expertise spans the full spectrum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with specialist areas including gynaecology, pregnancy planning, hormonal disorders and support for oncological therapies. In addition to internal medicine and pain, her expertise also covers the provision of therapy for psychological complaints such as stress and burn-out and treatments for addiction.

Sarah Meier’ first language is German and she also has very good English and good French.


  • EMR Empirical Medicine Register
  • ASCA Foundation for Alternative and Complementary Medicine

ZSR number: f 875 760

«In therapy, I think it is of great importance to create a situation that’s as relaxed as possible. The aim is to achieve a quick and lasting improvement in the health of the patient and to give him or her the awareness and inspiration to lead a healthy life.»

Sarah Meier

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