Healing impulses


Acupuncture exerts an effect on the flow of energy Qi via 365 precisely defined points located on the meridians. This traditional Chinese treatment method acts on the circulation of energy and the organ systems.

In treatment involving acupuncture, the therapist specifically identifies the relevant acupuncture points on the basis of the diagnosis. He or she then inserts ultrathin needles into the skin at these points. The pricks are barely perceptible. The therapist uses the appropriate insertion technique according to the treatment goal.

Acupuncture exerts an effect on the body’s functions via specific points on the surface of the body. It eliminates blockages and disorders and causes the life energy Qi to flow again.

Acupuncture is particularly effective in pain therapy, breathing and digestive disorders, and weakness and signs of deficiency. Other indications include disorders of the locomotor apparatus, rheumatic diseases, chronic illnesses and psychosomatic disorders. Acupuncture is also ideally suited to prevention. It is used in many other indications in combination with other TCM methods.

Related and complementary forms of treatment:

  • Ear acupuncture: fine needles inserted into the ear produce prolonged stimulation over several days.
  • Electro acupuncture: weak electrical impulses passed over the needles enhance the effect of acupuncture.
  • Laser acupuncture: instead of needles, stimulation is provided by medical laser. The method is suitable for small children and people who are afraid of needles.
  • Acupressure: instead of needles, stimulation is provided by pressure with the finger pads, the thumb, the hands or the elbows.
  • Heat treatment: a special heat lamp boosts the effect of the needles.

At TCM Chan only fine, sterile disposable stainless steel needles are used.

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