Costs of Chinese Medicine

Costs covered by supplementary insurance


The treatment costs at TCM Chan are within the usual range for the sector. Set fees apply according to the type of session.



TCM diagnosis and treatment advice, 30 minutes

  CHF 72.- up to 84.-

Acupuncture and/or laser acupuncture and/or ear acupuncture and/or electro acupuncture and/or moxibustion and/or tuina massage and/or cupping and/or ear plaster, 60 minutes

  CHF 144.- up to 168.-

Tuina massage and dietary advice, 60 minutes

  CHF 144.- up to 168.-

Herbal therapy, issue of prescriptions, 20 minutes

  up to CHF 56.-

No-show charge

  CHF 96.-

Qi Gong, Tai Chi, 60 minutes


by agreement

Lump sum travel costs for home visits


by agreement


Cost sharing by the health insurance companies.

Thanks to their membership of the main associations and representative bodies of this sector, the therapists at TCM Chan are recognised by the health insurance companies.

Complementary medical services are covered almost in their entirety under the corresponding supplementary insurances.

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