TCM spectrum of treatment

TCM / acupuncture:
a wide range of indications


Traditional Chinese Medicine first gained recognition in the West through the successful treatment of pain using acupuncture. Today, its acceptance extends to a wide variety of indications.

Areas of application for Traditional Chinese Medicine include neurological diseases, allergies and skin diseases, and weaknesses of the immune system. Remarkable success can also be achieved with the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in diseases of the musculoskeletal and locomotor system, as well as in heart and circulatory disorders.

Other indications include various forms of pain, stress and mental overload, as well as psychosomatic disorders.

On the preventive side, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments enhance performance and resistance, strengthen the immune system and generally improve well-being. Nutrition also plays an important role in this respect.

Traditional Chinese Medicine methods have the added benefit that they cause practically no negative side effects.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Western medicine are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, TCM therapies can be combined with modern conventional medicine, for example in the recovery phase after surgery or as complementary measures to chemotherapy.

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