In-depth TCM training and many years of experience

Siranee Quiblier-Peethong
TCM qualified therapist


As a qualified TCM therapist, Siranee Quiblier-Peethong has completed training in acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutritional counselling and qigong. She has a passionate commitment to her work: professional, insightful and goal-oriented.

Siranee Quiblier-Peethong is a practising Buddhist and has lived in Switzerland since the 1990s. Her well-grounded, broadly based training and her practical experience equip her to apply the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine with great success. She also incorporates qigong therapy.

Thanks to her occupational background as a qualified nurse (AKP) and in-depth knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is acquainted with the principles and practices of both worlds. She knows how to delve into patients’ problems and treat them using a holistic approach. 

Siranee Quiblier-Peethong speaks German and English.

Member of:

  • EMR   Empirical Medicine Register
  • ASCA   Foundation for Alternative and Complementary Medicine

ZSR number: m032161

“When dealing with my patients, I focus in particular on understanding their needs. For me, that is vital to successful treatment.”

Siranee Quiblier

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