Traditional Chinese Medicine is fascinating because it looks at the human individual as a whole. It can make an essential contribution to improving health and enhancing quality of life.

Rely on the professionalism and experience of our highly qualified team.


Our practice for Traditional Cinese Medicine is licensed by the canton of Zurich and recognised by health insurers through the appropriate supplementary insurances. You can make an appointment directly with us, without the need for referral by your doctor.


Member of:

  • NVS Swiss Association of Naturopaths
  • EMR Empirical Medicine Register
  • ASCA Foundation for Alternative and Complementary Medicine
  • SBO-TCM Swiss Professional Organisation for TCM

Currently at TCM Chan

Back pain – a widespread complaint: TCM identifies a number of causes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes the view that back pain can be triggered by many different causes. Diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. > More..

Begin hay fever prevention before pollen takes to the air.

Get protection from hay fever as early as possible. Ideally, long-term therapy should begin before the pollen that affects you is airborne, increasing the chance of a successful outcome.> More..

Avoiding colds and flu: protect yourself early

A seemingly mild cold can increase your vulnerability to flu viruses or lead rapidly to a bacterial inflammation. Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as acupuncture can prevent escalation of the condition. > More..

Changing your supplementary insurance may create problems

Basic and supplementary insurance are two different things. If you’re planning to change your provider that’s fine as far as your basic insurance is concerned – but you will need to think carefully about changing or cancelling your supplementary insurance. There are good reasons for this.> More..

New: TCM Chan City - now at prime location in the city centre

We are ready to welcome you to a new practice in an ideal position in the city centre. Offering acupuncture and other individual TCM therapies. You'll find us at Usteristrasse 17, directly the Rennweg tram stop. > More ..

Experienced TCM specialist sought

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine practice has an excellent reputation. That is why there is a big demand for our treatments which include acupuncture, phytotherapy, tuina. We are now looking to build on this success by adding another proven TCM therapist to our team. Is this an opportunity that interests you? > More..

招聘 中医

TCM Chan at a glance: new edition of our flyer

The revised leaflet provides a quick guide to TCM and our practice. Download it as a PDF or order a printed version. > Mehr..

TCM Chan now open on Saturdays

We are often asked if it’s possible to arrange appointments for acupuncture and other TCM treatments on a Saturday. As a patient-friendly TCM practice we are only too pleased to fulfil this wish. > More..

Another TCM expert joins our practice

A TCM practice is only as good as its employees. We have engaged another highly qualified specialist in the experienced TCM practitioner Jun Li. Her decades of experience and Chinese roots are a guarantee of therapeutic excellence. > More..



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