TCM moxibustion

Application of heat


The term moxibustion comes from moxa, the Chinese name for mugwort. It has been considered a herbal remedy since ancient times. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is used as a heat source.

In Chinese medicine, moxibustion has the same centuries-old tradition as acupuncture. Depending on the diagnosis, the two forms of treatment can be used in combination.

The active substance in moxibustion therapy is the dried, finely ground fibre of the mugwort plant: the moxa. This is shaped into a ball or ignited in special holders and brought to smouldering point. The therapist holds the moxa over the specified treatment points and in this way applies heat to the body at these points. The moxa can also be applied to the acupuncture needles and burnt so that the needles heat up and convey the heat internally.

With moxibustion, the therapist transfers heat and energy to the body via the treatment points. The treatment is used if the force of the cold yin predominates and the yang has to be strengthened. It counteracts weakness and feelings of cold.

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