Experienced TCM therapist and nutritionist

Ursula Wihler
TCM-FVS qualified therapist


Ursula Wihler is a trained therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine with many years' experience in acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutritional counselling and tuina massage. Her treatment approach is holistic, personal and focused on problem-solving.

Ursula Wihler has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She previously completed studies in agricultural engineering. In her free time she grows produce using organic cultivation methods. As a result, she is also an established expert in food production.
Ursula Wihler’s specialist areas include Chinese herbal medicine with Western herbs. Her competence as a dietician also qualifies her as a counsellor on dietary matters, in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Ursula Wihler speaks German and English.

Member of:

  • EMR   Empirical Medicine Register
  • ASCA   Foundation for Alternative and Complementary Medicine
  • SBO-TCM-FVS   TCM Professional Association Switzerland

ZSR number: L131061

“The key is to prescribe a treatment the patient is likely to follow. It can only be successful if it fits in with the patient’s everyday life and individual lifestyle.”

Ursula Wihler

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