TCM expertise and experience

Successful treatment with TCM therapists


A team of experienced therapists awaits you in the TCM Chan practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their primary concern is to improve your health and quality of life.

Treatments are only as good as the people behind them. The staff at TCM Chan have extensive experience in the treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They have completed recognised training courses and are constantly developing their knowledge and skills.

Their membership of the relevant associations and registers confirms them as trustworthy professionals in natural medicine. They are familiar with the standards of the Swiss healthcare system and encourage dialogue with family practitioners and specialists.

The TCM Chan team, with its partly Asian background and many years of practice, builds bridges between cultures and languages. Direct dialogue is possible with all therapists without language barriers: an ideal precondition for establishing relationships founded on trust. 

Treatment is conducted in German, English and Chinese.

Our team views Traditional Chinese Medicine as an alternative or complement to modern conventional medicine. In many cases, there are efficient ways available to improve the patient’s state of health by natural means.

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