TCM practice on solid foundations

Jae Jin Jung
TCM-FVS qualified therapist


His great-grandfather was a celebrated TCM practitioner in Korea. Jae Jin Jung followed in his footsteps and graduated from one of China’s leading universities for Traditional Chinese Medicine after a total of eight years of medical studies. He continued to build on this basic knowledge as a practitioner in China and Germany.


While his great-grandfather had worked mostly with herbal therapies, Jae Jin Jung covered the whole spectrum of TCM treatment from the very beginning of his studies. At the clinic of the Changchun University of Chinese Medicine he gained a solid theoretical and practical grounding in TCM. He took a year out from his studies to serve an internship as a TCM practioner at the Dr Lee Clinic in Changchun.

With a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Jae Jin Jung travelled to Germany in 2015 where he worked in a private clinic before opening his own practice. He is well versed in all the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His strengths include pain therapy and the treatment of sleep disorders, psychosomatic conditions, allergies and measures to strengthen the immune system. A further core competence is inner medicine.

Jae Jin Jung speaks English, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Member of:

  • EMR Empirical Medicine Register
  • TCM-FVS Swiss Professional Organisation for TCM

ZSR-Nummer: y399563

“The specialist training in my background as a TCM therapist is essential for successful treatment. But equally important is an ability to empathize and understand the specific health situation of each individual patient.”

Jae Jin Jung

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