TCM herbal therapy

Healing power of nature


Natural herbal remedies are the potent medicaments of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They contain no chemical substances. They are suitable for a broad range of treatments in a variety of different compositions.

In line with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the mode of action of natural herbal remedies determines their use. Even plants from our latitudes can be used in accordance with the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

On the basis of the diagnosis, the therapist issues an individual prescription, which may include up to 20 individual substances. Herbal treatments usually last several weeks. The patient is in contact with the therapist throughout the treatment. The course of treatment and the effect are discussed together.

Treatments with Chinese natural herbal remedies may be used for numerous indications. These include stress and sleeping problems, gynaecological conditions and pain. Herbal therapy can be the primary treatment or used to complement other TCM treatments.

TCM Chan vouches for the quality and integrity of the herbal remedies from China prescribed by the therapists. The practice only issues prescriptions with plant products that comply with the Washington Species Protection Agreement.

The prescriptions are made up by Swiss pharmacies. These guarantee compliance with the requirements of the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act (HMG) and cantonal regulations. They also ensure that the herbs are not contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides.

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