Tuina massage

Traditional Chinese massage technique


“Tui” in Chinese means to “push” or “press”. The syllable “na” stands for “grasp” or “pull”. Tuina is amongst the oldest forms of treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It releases blocked energy and engenders a sense of well-being.

In tuina therapy, therapists use up to 40 basic hand techniques. These include pushing, rubbing and pulling movements that work together harmoniously.

The therapists work with the balls of their hands, with their hands balled up into fists, and with their elbows and knees. In doing so, they are guided by extreme sensitivity to the patient’s physical sensations.

Tuina assumes that the disturbance in the flow of energy is clearly identified. Like acupuncture or herbal therapy, the massage technique is designed to allow the life energy Qi to flow.

Tuina provides relief of symptoms of the locomotor apparatus, as well as colds and flu. Tuina also has a preventive effect and hastens recovery after an illness or accident.

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