Over 30 years’ experience with all the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Jun Li
TCM-FVS qualified therapist


Jun Li was just 19 years of age when she began her studies at the renowned Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Her life since then has been shaped by a passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine. She completed her studies in China and then worked for several years as a TCM therapist in England. In September 2018 she followed in her family’s footsteps and moved to Switzerland.

The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest seats of learning for Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Jun Li’s studies at this distinguished medical school focussed on herbal therapy, acupuncture and tuina massage. She also attended seminars on Western medicine.

After graduating with an outstanding degree, Jun Li started work as a TCM therapist at the Guang’anmen Hospital in Beijing, which is affiliated to the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. She served for thirteen years as a TCM specialist at the hospital. In 2005 she moved to the United Kingdom, where she initially worked in various TCM practices and later set up as an independent TCM therapist.

Jun Li’s expertise covers all methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine and she is qualified to practice a broad spectrum of treatments, including inner medicine, dermatology, allergies of all kinds and gynaecological problems. Further specialisms include adjuvant therapy for infertility, quality of life improvements for cancer patients, mental illnesses, depression and preventive medicine. 

Jun Li speaks English and Chinese.

Member of:

  • EMR Empirical Medicine Register
  • TCM-FVS Swiss Professional Organisation for TCM


ZSR-Nummer:  z454863

«As a TCM practitioner, I place great importance on communication and listening to my patients, so that I can utilize my knowledge and expertise to provide them with the best possible treatment.»

Jun Li

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