TCM cupping

Activation of circulatory system


Practised for thousands of years, the method of cupping stimulates the blood circulation, draws off heat and removes toxins from the body. At TCM Chan, cupping is mainly used in combination with acupuncture.

The traditional naturopathic method of cupping provides an ideal support to acupuncture. It stimulates the capillary vessels in the area of the acupuncture points and releases blockages in the flow of the life energy Qi.

Cupping involves the use of glass vessels. The therapist heats the vessels and applies them at selected points over the meridians. Negative pressure then develops as they cool. The vacuum attaches the spheres to the skin and creates the desired suction effect.

Cupping has a healing effect in colds, allergies, chronic pain and many other disorders. Treatment stimulates the metabolism and normalises increased tension in the tissue.

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