Did you know...?

Changing or cancelling your supplementary insurance: don’t be too hasty!


Take note:

Your basic insurance only provides minimal cover for complementary medicine.

It only covers the cost of just 180 minutes of treatment a year. Once the excess and franchise amounts in your policy have been factored in, you will only get a few francs back from the health insurance company at best.

The modest contribution from the basic insurance is dependent on conditions.

You will only receive compensation from your basic insurance if the treatment is carried out by a medical doctor. On the other hand, if you are treated by your highly qualified TCM specialist you will leave empty handed.

Changing or cancelling your supplementary insurance could require you to have a new health check-up.

If you change or cancel your supplementary insurance and later want to renew it, you will have to have another check-up. Depending on the results, the insurer may preclude certain services.

You are not tied to any specific provider for your basic insurance.

There is no problem at all with arranging basic cover with another provider whilst keeping your supplementary insurance with your current insurer.

The therapists at TCM Chan are all members of professional associations and organizations and are recognized by all supplementary insurance providers. Supplementary insurance policies will therefore guarantee cover. Applications can also be made without referral from a doctor.

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