TCM treatment with competence and commitment

Jianghui Hu
SBO-TCM qualified therapist


With comprehensive training and more than ten years’ practical experience, Chinese-born Jianghui Hu is an extremely well-qualified TCM therapist. She has in-depth knowledge of the whole range of TCM treatments and an ability to empathize with the individual needs of her patients.


Jianghui Hu laid the foundation stone for her chosen career at the renowned Guangzhou University for Chinese Medicine. She is from a family with a tradition in TCM. Her father, a practising TCM doctor, inspired her to follow in his footsteps. During her training and practical work at university hospitals she developed expertise in all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, qualifying as a TCM therapist with a holistic approach to treatment.

Jianghui Hu began work as a fully qualified TCM therapist in China. Since coming to Switzerland around ten years ago, she has worked at various practices, becoming familiar with the European lifestyle and the Swiss healthcare system. She also held positions at polyclinics, working closely with specialists in Western medicine.

Jianghui Hu has a wealth of experience, including the treatment of gynaecological conditions, pregnancy planning, all types of pain management, treatment of digestive disorders, allergies and stress. She understands how to combine the diverse methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a meaningful approach that is specific to each individual patient and presentation.

Jae Jin Jung speaks German, English, and Chinese.

Member of:

  • EMR Empirical Medicine Register
  • ASCA Stiftung für Alternativ- und Komplementärmedizin
  • TCM-FVS Swiss Professional Organisation for TCM

ZSR-Nummer: z933362

“The dialogue with the patient is of great importance to me. I want to understand their feelings as well as their health situation. That is the best way of working together to ensure the treatment is a success.”

Jianghui Hu

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