Over 20 years’ experience in TCM clinics in China and Switzerland.

Shaojun Zhou
TCM-FVS qualified therapist


As a trained TCM doctor with many years’ experience in China and Switzerland, Shaojun Zhou the perfect qualifications for identifying the health needs of our patients and providing individual specialist treatments. His ability to empathise is another positive attribute.

Even as a child, Shaojun Zhou was familiar with the world of medicine. His family in China included TCM professors and orthodox medical doctors who taught and practised in their fields. It was only natural that he felt drawn to both areas, but he chose to focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine. He studied at the famous Henan University of Chinese Medicine and graduated as a TCM practitioner.

Shaojun Zhou has worked as a TCM therapist in Switzerland since 2010. He regularly takes part in training seminars in China and has published many articles about important applications of TCM. With his wide-ranging expertise in TCM, Shaojun Zhou is proficient in all its methods and is fully qualified to perform a broad spectrum of treatments. Areas of focus include all types of pain therapy and the treatment of cardiovascular problems, psychosomatic conditions, allergies and gastrointestinal disorders.

Shaojun Zhou speaks Chinese and German.

Member of:

  • EMR Empirical Medicine Register
  • ASCA Foundation for Alternative and Complementary Medicine
  • TCM-FVS Swiss Professional Organisation for TCM

ZSR number: r589161

«I love my work as a TCM therapist because I enjoy helping people. I am sure that empathy and passion are just as important for a successful cure as professional expertise.»

Shaojun Zhou

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